How to Stop Drinking without Rehab

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Published: 22nd December 2009
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OK, you now realize that you have a drinking

. You're serious about trying to stop cold turkey

at this stage. You want to stop consuming beer, liquor, and wine.

If you're like me, you want to stop drinking without

, or stop drinking without rehab. There

are many tips and tools to help you solve your addiction problems

and quit without help from a rehab center. But to quit drinking

without AA or to stop without rehab takes serious


My main problem was the fact that I never had an activity to

replace alcohol. I started to drink mostly in high school. I then

graduated and want to college for a short time but the alcoholism

took control and I dropped out. I got a factory job and the

repetitive cycle started. Work at 7:00am and got off at 3:30pm and

drive to the store and buy lots of beer EVERYDAY for

about 7 years. Some people at my job have been doing

this for 30 years. I was afraid that life would be

boring if I tried to stop.

I never quit cold turkey but I slowed down consumption. Every year

I told myself I would stop and stay sober for the new

. I know it's possible to stop without AA and quit

without rehab because I've seen it done before.

About a year ago I told myself I would stop without AA and

stop drinking without rehab. I finally figured out

what my personal problem was. At first I thought I was addicted to

the "buzz" of being, well "drunk". I figured

out that I was addicted the act of consuming beer more than beer


This may sound ineffective but I started to consume lots and lots

of water at times I would drink. That helped me stop consuming

alcohol and I stopped drinking without AA and on-line forums

helped me quit without rehab. I wanted to quit drinking without AA

because I'm a shy person and felt ashamed of my addiction.Learn How to
Stop Drinking Without Rehab Here...

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